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Peter Florczak and Kim Federici

Peter was born in Chicago, IL, in 1947. He earned a degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois. After 3 years of working in his chosen field, he decided to take a one-month travel adventure in search of a new place to live. That trip lasted over 7 years and covered most of the US, Mexico and Central America. He settled in Corn Island, Nicaragua where he built a home in the manner of the Miskito Indians. Eventually the revolution drove him out and back to the US.

As he has traveled he has always kept a journal, written short stories and taken photographs to catalogue his adventures. While on another trip to Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands in 1985, he met Kim who was on a 3 week camping holiday.

Kim was born in 1943, in Santa Barbara, CA. After graduation from high school, she took a tramp steamer to Europe where she traveled free lance for six months. Upon returning to the US she completed 3 years of study in Liberal Arts at Gonzaga University. She left there to enter the Maryknoll Sisters (Catholic Missionary nuns) in NY where she became a professed nun and continued her studies in Liberal Arts, moving towards a degree in teaching.

After 4 1/2 years, she found that the religious life was not for her so she left, got married and raised two lovely children. Becoming disenchanted with teaching, she began studying nursing and got her BSN in Pomona, NJ. After divorcing her husband and working several years as an oncology nurse, she took a much needed holiday in the BVI where she met Peter. The following year, she quit her work completely, moved back to Tortola, and lived in a tent for almost a year, in search of a new direction. At the end of it, she moved to Texas to start life together with Peter where he lived, in the Texas hill country.

Kim and Peter have operated a successful Arts and Craft business together since 1987. It has afforded them the luxury of both the time and money to continue their first love-- travel. Each winter, when their business slows down, they try to take another three month adventure to some remote part of the world. Since they live, work and travel together, their constant companionship has offered an unusual perspective on the gender differences which is reflected in their writing.

They hope to continue on their course in life, working less, traveling more and writing it down to share with others. This year, from January to March, you can find them "somewhere," palmtops in hand, creating another "A Man and a Woman in......" travel adventure.

Check out their travel page at http://www.peterflorczak.com/