Your Wedding Flowers
Hand Dyed - Flowers Will not Fade
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In Memory of.... Your Loved One's
Funeral Flowers Pressed in Beveled Glass


6" x 9" Window with Pressed Funeral Flowers


All flowers are hand dyed to preserve the color and to prevent fading when exposed to sunlight.

All pieces have a deep hand beaded relief border.

All arrangements are created with your Pressed Flowers & Greenery, but some additional pieces may need to be added to make an artistic arrangement. If you request, this embellishment can be kept to a minimum, but some extra pieces are required for structural integrity.

You may also wish to include some memorable pieces of lace, fabric or ribbons or a prayer card. We will include an "In Memory of..." plaque with your loved ones name and date of birth and death.

You should order your Press kit as soon as possible. The flowers will last in the refrigerator for up to a week. IT'S EASY TO DO. It has everything you need to successfully press your flowers.

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