Pressing Instructions
Hand Dyed - Flowers Will not Fade
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  1. Please call at least 2 weeks before the Wedding to request a press packet. Press is sent at no obligation (there is a $12.00 S/H charge. See the Wedding Order Form) and includes:
        a. Press & complete Pressing Instructions
    b. Color brochure
        c. Return envelope & mailing label
        d. Order Form

  2. If somehow you forgot to get your press, you can call for "emergency" pressing instructions up to 3 or 4 days after the wedding. Or just follow the directions below. If possible please refrigerate flowers. DO NOT FREEZE OR DRY.

  3. The day of the Wedding, (or one day after) while flowers are still fresh, press flowers per instructions. This is a very simple process and can usually be completed in less than 1 hour.

For the individual flowers, I suggest pressing in the following way:

Roses: press only petals...pull off the head of the flower gently to get the whole petals and press them next to one another. Don't overlap them. Press only 1 rose of each color. If you are pressing miniature roses buds you may press them whole as pictured.

Stephanotis:  Press as much as possible if this is included in the bouquet. Cut off the tube just below the petaled top (see photo) and press tops faces down.

Delphinium/larkspur: Cut at the base of the small stem as near to the flower as possible. Press    flower face down on the blotter. 

Lilies/alstromeria:  Separate and press petals separately.

Greens: Press individual leaves or ivy, bamboo or any other large leafed green. Leather fern is pressed in small Christmas-tree-like pieces (between 2-4" long).

Baby's Breath: Press large stems (3-4") and they can overlap.

Queen Anne's Lace:  Cut the head of the flower into the separate small flowers and place them separately, face down on the blotter.

Daisies/Chrysanthemums:  Press only 2  flowers on a sheet and place them face down on the blotter. These require extra weight on top of the press to assure even pressing.

    As your are pressing, it is important not to overlap the flowers and petals, except with baby's breath, but do   put them as close together as possible to allow for pressing the most that you can on each page.  Using your flowers, progress through the layers as noted below.  Make sure the top layer is cardboard and take the whole stack to a warm, dry place where it will sit for the next three weeks.  Place 4 bricks (or something of equal weight) on top of the stack. Weight must be distributed evenly to provide even pressure and a complete pressing (flattening) of all the flowers.

    In 3 weeks, take the bricks off, but don't try to open the sheets.  (The flowers, if they are still at all damp, will   separate and clump when you try to put it back together again).  Bind with rubber bands and tape the stack tightly with masking tape (like the cross-tying on a gift package).  Slide it into the envelope it came in (Recycle!)  with your completed  order form  and check (or credit card).  W will take it from there.

    To help us recreate the particular character of your flowers, please send a photo of the bouquet or at least a clear description of the colors of the flowers if you donít know their names.

    The enclosed packet for pressing includes: 11" x11" cardboard/ blotter paper/ plain newsprint.  You will layer the flowers and greens for pressing in the following order:


All presses are recycled.  If you decide not to order, please return your press to us.

Complete the order form and return it with a check (or MC / Visa), press and any extra pieces of lace or ribbon that you want included in your Wedding Window.

If you have questions E-Mail us at